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Construction sites and highway construction zones are impacted by poor communication, a work force in a hurry, third party contractors, a mind set of profits before people and safety issues.

The first rule of safety is to eliminate the danger; if that is not possible, then the second rule of safety is to barricade the danger and if that is not possible then you communicate the danger and warn. The trouble is how can you communicate with somebody who does not understand or speak English.

Safety violations can occur; by breaking and ignoring local, municipal, city, county, state or federal regulations, for example when equipment is left too close to the side of the road, or when proper safety policies and procedures are not followed, construction companies and employers can be held financially liable.

Highway and road construction zones are the most dangerous road conditions in Texas. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area major highways and thoroughfares are always under construction, leaving drivers to deal with improperly marked roads, obstacles, and other hazardous road conditions. In our Metroplex, we have over 6,000 miles of highways and roads. Hundreds of drivers and passengers of cars, semi-trucks, buses and motorcycles are injured or killed every year in construction zone accidents that could have been easily prevented and avoided.

If you or a family member has been injured in a highway or construction zone car accident, there may be more than one party that can be held responsible and required to compensate you for your injuries. Road maintenance crews, highway design engineers, and other drivers are often held legally accountable for their negligence Contractors, subcontractors or government agencies in charge of construction zones may also be held liable if they were negligent in their duties.

The following is a list of some factors that may lead to an auto accident in a construction zone:

  • Substandard road maintenance
  • Unmarked or unfixed potholes
  • Dangerous gravel on the road or road resurfacing
  • Slippery road surfaces due to spills especially chemicals or oil
  • Substandard or defective marked construction zones
  • Dangerous unmarked changes in road conditions
  • Defective or missing Guardrails
  • Substandard marked intersections
  • Negligently or reckless designed roadways, bridges, and rights-of-way

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