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Whenever you’re in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, such as a FedEx truck, it is important to remember a few things.

Once you’ve checked everyone is safe, you want to exchange insurance information. Commercial vehicles such as FedEx trucks carry commercial insurance policies. These policies typically have a higher coverage limit.

One of the main reasons why these policies have a higher coverage than your average car insurance policy is because commercial vehicles such as FedEx trucks have the potential to cause much more damage in an accident.

A recent accident on Interstate 35 in Texas is a perfect example of the increased risks a FedEx truck, and other commercial vehicles, pose to the average driver. In this situation, all the southbound lanes on the interstate were close after a FedEx truck exploded in flames. The FedEx truck collided with another 18-wheeler on the highway and knocked out three concrete dividers on the roadway.

Another recent accident in which two 18-wheelers traveling in opposite directions collided helps illustrate the increase risk associated with commercial vehicles. In this situation one semi was traveling southbound when it suddenly crashed into the divider and on to the other side of the highway, crashing head-on with the other semi.

But not all truck accidents involving commercial vehicles lead to major accidents that end up with a passenger visiting the emergency room. Some truck accidents involving commercial vehicles can cause minor injuries that may last for years. Some of these injuries are hard to detect, which is why it is important that you see a medical professional immediately following an accident, regardless if an injury is visible.

An example of a minor injury is when a truck rear ends you. These large commercial vehicles pack a punch. It is normal not feel anything during the first few hours and sometimes within the first few days. But most, if not all, victims of truck accident feel body aches within the first 2 weeks of the accident. Lower back pain, one of the most common injuries in accidents, can last months if not years.

Once you’ve exchanged insurance information with other person involved in the accident, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Our law firm handles commercial truck accidents across the United Sates.

Sometimes the injuries you or your love one face are life threatening and require a hospital visit immediately following the accident. If you or your love was transferred from the scene of the accident to a medical facility, it is likely that insurance information was not exchange. Do not fear, the first responders (police officers and paramedics) document most, if not all, of the necessary information.

Cases involving commercial vehicles are sometimes complicated. They can last in litigation for years or months. Don’t let just any law firm handle your case, contact us today.

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