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| Dr. Shezad Malik Law Firm

Stryker metal hip lawsuit settlement. Donald Lovell, from Tennessee, recently filed a personal injury and a product liability lawsuit claiming that the metal Stryker Accolade hip stem and LFit V40 femoral head hip implant devices were defectively designed and manufactured.

Stryker metal hip lawsuit settlement
Stryker metal hip lawsuit settlement. Stryker LFIT V40 Hip Implants under fire over its line of metal hip devices causing metal poisoning, pseudotumors and catastrophic failure.

According to Lovell, the Stryker artificial hip devices are prone to a high premature failure rate that led to a recall for the devices, and he had to undergo painful risky revision surgery after the hip implants failed.

Howmedica Osteonics, and its subsidiary Stryker Orthopaedics, are the manufacturers of the Stryker Accolade TMZF hip stem and LFIT Anatomic CoCR V40 femoral head.

Severe and dangerous Metallosis

Lovell claims that he was implanted with the Stryker Accolade TMZF hip stem and LFIT Anatomic CoCR V40 femoral head in March 2014. Shortly afterwards, Lovell alleges that he began to notice severe pain around the hip implant.

Lovell developed metal blood poisoning, known as metallosis, with dangerous levels of cobalt, chromium, and titanium. These elevated levels of toxic metals were as a result of his metal on metal hip implant degrading causing metallic debris to accumulate in his hip joint and blood stream.

Lawsuit: Stryker touted unique metal design

According to Lovell, Stryker touted that its unique metal design of the Accolade TMZF hip stem was resistant to metal corrosion and degradation of its metallic components.

Stryker claimed that its metal hip devices, unlike the metal hips made by different manufacturers including Johnson and Johnson’s DePuy ASR and Pinnacle line, Zimmer Durom cup, Smith and Nephew Birmingham hip among others, did not fail prematurely and cause metallosis. The other metal hip manufacturers have been hammered over their metal-on-metal hip replacement systems for premature failure and metallosis.

Stryker LFIT V40 Recall

After hundreds of reports of hip device failures and metallosis, a Stryker LFit v40 hip recall was issued by Howmedica Osteonics, and its subsidiary Stryker Orthopaedics in 2016.

The recall involved large-diameter femoral heads sold before 2011. Stryker finally admitted that a higher-than-expected number of patients were experiencing severe side effects with trunnion failure, premature metal wear, and metallosis.

Stryker recalled over 42,500 metal hip implants because a metal part that connects the hip to the femur can develop severe metal corrosion, loosen, and dislocate, a side effect known as “taper lock failure.”

Stryker LFit V40 Lawsuits

All federally-filed Stryker LFit V40 hip lawsuits were consolidated in April before U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

The New Jersey Supreme Court has also designated all cases involving Stryker LFit Cobalt Chromium V40 Femoral Heads as part of a multicounty litigation (MCL), before Superior Court Judge Rachelle Harz in Bergen County.

Stryker metal hip lawsuit settlement

Stryker paid over $1 billion in settlements to more than 6,000 patients who were injured by another one of their popular metal hip implant that corroded and failed, the recalled ABG II and Rejuvenate line of hip devices. The settlement provided base payouts of $300,000 per hip replacement that required revision surgery.

Injured by a failed Stryker Metal Hip?

If you think you may have a Stryker LFIT V40 Head or a Stryker Accolade TMZF hip stem implanted and are experiencing pain caused by metal corrosion or have suffered a spontaneous dissociation requiring full revision and emergency care, please call Dr. Shezad Malik Law Firm at 888-210-9693.

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