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Shezad Malik MD JD

Testosterone Supplements The New Snake Oil

Ten years ago some scientists recruited several hundred volunteers and gave them Testosterone or a placebo. Those taking testosterone got stronger, compared with those taking the placebo, and they could carry a load up stairs faster. But they also had […]

Shezad Malik MD JD

Boston Scientific Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits Survive Limitations Challenge

In  personal injury and Mass Tort cases, most states have a 2 year Statute of Limitations, which typically begins to run from the date of the injury or when the injured party knew or should have know that the injury […]

Shezad Malik MD JD

Did J&J Ethicon Vaginal Mesh Company Destroy Crucial Files?

Injured women who have alleged product liability vaginal mesh lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon, have also filed a motion for sanctions. This motion claims that the manufacturer has destroyed a massive amount of data that was relevant to […]

Shezad Malik MD JD

Smith and Nephew Birmingham Hip and R3 Acetabular Lawsuits

There has been many warnings issued to health departments world wide about potential problems with Smith & Nephew’s Birmingham metal-on-metal hip replacements. These hip model and others including the R3 model, have been linked to a high failure rate according […]

Shezad Malik MD JD

Texas Medical Expert Report Ruled Constitutional

As a Texas medical doctor and Medical Malpractice attorney, I am providing this case law update and commentary.

As part of Texas’s tort reform laws, enacted by the Texas legislature in 2003, one…

Shezad Malik MD JD

Denton Texas Medical Doctor License Suspended Over Sex Assault Allegations

As a Fort Worth Medical Practice Attorney, I want to share this Texas Medical Board bulletin, regarding a Denton, Texas doctor’s fitness to practice medicine. A Denton County doctor who is quoted…

Shezad Malik MD JD

Houston Doctor and Clinic Busted for Wrongful Death

Jurors awarded $10.1 million in damages to the family of an overdose victim, hoping the verdict strikes fear into other pill mills that have turned Houston into a national center for prescription…

Shezad Malik MD JD

Fort Worth Police Used Taser on Hospital Patient

As a Fort Worth Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Attorney, I am providing, what is in my opinion one of the most outrageous civil rights, medical malpractice and personal injury claims…