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Shezad Malik MD JD

What to do if you’re in an accident involving a FedEx truck?

Whenever you’re in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, such as a FedEx truck, it is important to remember a few things. Once you’ve checked everyone is safe, you want to exchange insurance information. Commercial vehicles such as FedEx trucks […]

Shezad Malik MD JD

Toyota Settle Sudden Acceleration Car Accident and Wrongful Death Cases

According to the New York Times, Toyota has decided to enter into a global settlement over sudden accleration death and injury cases. The announcement comes two months after a Toyota Camry’s electronic throttle system was found to be defective by […]

Shezad Malik MD JD

Oral Birth Control and Blood Clot Risks

Millions of women take birth control pills every single day, but few realize the associated deadly risks. Although rare, female hormonal contraception can lead to blood clots, a condition known…

Shezad Malik MD JD

Catering service worker killed by truck at DFW Airport

Two agencies are investigating the death of an LSG Sky Chefs employee who was killed at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport on Sunday when he was hit by a company truck. The fatal accident occurred…

Shezad Malik MD JD

Fort Worth Car Accident Injuries Update

Car accidents can cause many injuries, to any part of your body, depending on the circumstances of the crash and the severity of the impact.

A detailed review of insurance claims and…

Shezad Malik MD JD

Car Accidents and Stress on Fort Worth Roads

As a Texas Medical doctor and Fort Worth Personal Attorney, I am providing this commentary regarding the state of traffic in our Great State of Texas, particularly in the Dallas Forth Worth…

Shezad Malik MD JD

Car Accident Guru Reveals The Most Dangerous Time for Accidents

Minimizing risk is not about when you are on the road, but how careful you are while on the road. The most dangerous month, is August, and Saturday the most dangerous day, according to the National…

Shezad Malik MD JD

Fort Worth Truck Explosion Accident Wrongful Death

Fort Worth police have arrested and charged Louis Nieves, 23, with intoxication manslaughter after a fiery traffic accident early in the morning that killed the driver of a fuel tanker truck and…

Shezad Malik MD JD

Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and Car Accidents

Construction sites and highway construction zones are impacted by poor communication, a work force in a hurry, third party contractors, a mind set of profits before people and safety issues.

Shezad Malik MD JD

Car Accident and Road Rage in Grapevine Texas

A Dallas man, James D. Wilson, tried to escape after assaulting another driver in a road-rage incident here in Grapevine.
According to the Grapevine police, Wilson is expected to be charged with…